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Every so often, everyone needs a bit of guidance and people looking to get into the IT industry are no different. Here at BIT Training we’re happy to help and give advice to anyone looking to start a career in IT or further develop an existing one.

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We can advise on career path planning, discipline changes, new directions and goal setting for the future. We can also help with vacancies and apprenticeship opportunities through our vast network of industry partnerships.

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At BIT Training we have a complete and whole view of the IT Industry. We can see where the opportunities lie, where demand needs to be met and where future development and on-going trends will take us.

It’s our role to find and develop leading minds for the IT and Cyber Security industry meeting the ever-increasing demand for talent.

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An apprenticeship is a huge but exciting commitment in your life, we can give you the guidance you need to choose the most relevant apprenticeship programme for you. Speak with our experienced apprenticeship team to discover your options and learn more from our short video below.

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