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If you’re an employer and you’re looking to either strengthen your IT or Cyber Security department or better prepare your existing team for the new digital age, then BIT Training Skills Bootcamps are the perfect solution.

Our IT and Cyber Security Readiness Skills Bootcamps allow you to invest in individual employees to the benefit of your business or upskill existing members of your team. Upskilling and redeploying new skills within your workforce will only strengthen your existing organisation structure.

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For employers, BIT Training Skills Bootcamps are about you, making sure that you have the skilled staff you need to create a better, stronger business. Our Skills Bootcamps make commercial sense and give IT and Cyber Security recruitment a completely fresh perspective.


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Employers of all sizes are welcome to recruit from our rich diverse pool of candidates direct from either our IT or Cyber Security courses and they have the advantage of trying candidates out before committing. This way, employers can check first-hand whether candidates have the requirements that match.

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