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Cyber Security Technologists apply an understanding of cyber security to protect organizations, systems, information, personal, data and people from attacks and unauthorised access. They understand security concepts and technology and how to migrate risks arising from threats. They work to achieve cyber security outcomes in a legal and regulatory context.

Pathway 1: Cyber Security Engineers are technology focused. Their primary focus is to build and test secure networks or security products following a secure by design principle.

Typical job roles include: Cyber Security Engineer, Cyber Security Consultant, Cyber Security Architect, Cyber Security Analyst, Cyber Security Specialist, IT Security Technician, Embedded Engineer.

Pathway 2: Cyber Defender/Responders are operationally focused, working in SOC and other incident response environments configuring and operating secure systems to prevent security breaches or monitoring systems to detect and respond to security breaches.

Typical job roles include: Cyber Security Analyst, Cyber Security Operator, Forensics & Incident Response Analyst, Cyber Security Administrator, Information Security Officer, Security Operations Centre (SOC) Analyst, Network Intrusion Analyst, Incident Response Centre (IRC) Analyst, Network Operations Centre (NOC) Security Analyst.

Course overview
Cyber Security Technologist

Your learning journey

What you will learn
course modules

Learner Commitment

The BIT Apprenticeship is delivered using our Embed, Develop, & Extend delivery model.


  • Weekly day release day release in our online classroom developing their overall cyber security knowledge and understanding
  • Completion of a summative module project for each learning module
  • Additional commitment to self-study for each learning module


  • Guided completion of open evidence-based projects
  • Monthly 1-2-1 session with EPA Specialist
  • Preparation for EPA


Apprentices are invited to extend and widen their workplace skills and behaviours, through a number of additional training sessions and resources including Careers Information, Advice and Guidance workshops, safeguarding workshops, workplace professionalism workshops and guest speakers.

Apprentices are also invited to access our catalogue of training videos providing technical training courses across the spectrum of IT and Cyber Security.


  • Maths/English Level 2*
*Proof of GCSE grade C/4 or above or equivalent qualifications will proxy apprentices from sitting functional skills

Who is
it for?

There are a number of roles that apply for someone who has a Cyber Security Technologist qualification, including but not limited to the following:

  • Cyber Security Analyst
  • Cyber Security Operator
  • Forensics & Incident Response Analyst
  • Cyber Security Administrator
  • Information Security Officer
  • Secure Operations Centre (SOC) Analyst
  • Network Intrusion Analyst
  • Incident Response Centre (IRC) Analyst
  • Network Operations Centre (NOC) security Analyst

Professional Certifications
included are

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