BIT Training’s Ofsted Success: Shaping IT/Cyber Talent for the Future

The BIT Training team are thrilled to share that Ofsted has just released our New Provider Monitoring Visit report, and the findings are a testament to the dedication and hard work of the entire team. The report acknowledges BIT Training (part of Blue Screen IT Ltd) as having Reasonable Progress made across all areas of our Apprenticeship and Skills Bootcamp provision, and we couldn’t be prouder of the results and the valuable feedback we’ve received. This recognition reaffirms the path we’ve embarked upon, one that we are steadfastly committed to and one where our strengths shine.

Some key highlights include:

“Leaders at BIT Training ensure that apprenticeship principles and requirements are met, fostering a clear understanding of responsibilities among employers and apprentices. We outline a comprehensive training framework and collaborate with employers and apprentices to identify additional specific qualifications, ensuring apprentices perform at industry standards and enhance their long-term career prospects.”

“Our commitment to having industry experts in cyber security and IT as educators is reflected in the report. These experts use their specialised knowledge to deliver ambitious curriculums for our apprentices.”

“Our trainers provide apprentices with valuable developmental feedback, guiding them on enhancing their vocational knowledge and skills.”

“BIT Training leaders and managers are dedicated to planning ambitious curriculums for our skills bootcamp learners.”

“We’ve cultivated a culture of safeguarding where the significance of keeping learners, apprentices, and colleagues safe is deeply ingrained.”

Dan Troke, BIT Training Director of Apprenticeships and responsible for our Skills Bootcamps delivery, commented, “I take immense pride in our team and our profound impact in nurturing skills and careers within the IT/Cyber realm.

I’d also like to thank our employer partners for their unwavering support of our apprentices. Your commitment was pivotal during the inspection, where you met with Ofsted to support us through the process.”

Looking ahead, BIT Training’s apprenticeship journey continues with exciting plans for the future. Developing new programs and vendor partners and evolving our existing programmes to keep delivering IT and Cyber training that is genuinely industry-led. Stay tuned for more updates on our developments.

To read the full report, click here.


For employers looking to employ candidates from our IT and Cyber Readiness Skills Bootcamps or looking to create an apprenticeship opportunity, we have a number of candidates available for interview.

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