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ELCAS (Enhanced Learning Credits Administration Service) is an MoD scheme that provides funding to Service Personnel and Service Leavers in the form of the Enhanced Learning Credits Scheme (ELC). The credits provided encourage lifelong learning amongst armed forces members, including serving personnel and Service Leavers from the Royal Navy, British Army and Royal Air Force (RAF).

Service Personnel and Service Leavers can claim up to 80% of course costs through the scheme. In addition, recipients must make a personal contribution of at least 20% towards the total course cost. Eligibility and the amount you are entitled to claim depend on your service length and when you left the forces (if applicable) .

For further support on the ELC eligibility criteria and how to submit a claim, please revert to the ELCAS website.

For Serving Personnel, click here, and for Service Leavers click here.

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At BIT Training we have 20 years of experience delivering ELCAS courses for former and current military personnel, preparing them for careers in the tech industry. Covering IT, Cyber and Network Infrastructure, our courses allow people to embark on new careers in a sector that is often perfectly suited to follow on from life in the Armed Forces.

We are an ISACA approved training organisation, CompTIA approved provider and a CertNexus Partner as well as PeopleCert affiliate and Cisco Network Academy.

When it comes to training former and current military personnel, we know what we’re doing, we understand the nature of the people involved and the background that brings them to us at BIT Training. Part of our ethos is to employ ex military personnel in our workforce; over the past 18 years we have employed over 15 team members in the BIT Group.

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