Bootcamps at BIT Training are designed to upskill and reskill candidates, preparing them for the new digital world.  

We work with employers and individuals themselves, giving them the necessary skills to flourish in the tech industry. Covering IT, Cloud, Project Management and Cyber sectors, candidates exit our Bootcamp courses motivated, ready and safe in the knowledge that what they’ve learned will prepare them for whatever the industry throws at them




If you’re looking to start a career in the tech industry or even further a career in the sector, then BIT Training Bootcamps are the first logical step. 


Our Bootcamp mission is to unlock your digital potential and help you transition into an exciting career in IT or Cyber Security. With nearly 20 years of experience, we help build confidence as well as industry skills and can prepare you for an exciting role in a sector that’s worth £149 billion to the UK economy and employs over 1.5 million people … you could be one of them.  





Our Cloud Readiness Bootcamp is nine weeks of intensive personal and technical training that covers support for IT infrastructure, networking and the configuration of device operating systems. It also includes training for business cloud services, the successful adoption of cloud systems and CyberSafe Awareness, covering device security and safer internet usage.  


Candidates are invited on to the course after completing a successful interview and the aim of the programme is to get all successful candidates through the Bootcamp and into the workplace within six months of completion. The skills obtained through our Bootcamps prepare candidates for successful careers in Cloud based technology. 





The BIT Training IT Bootcamp is nine weeks of intensive personal and technical training and covers all aspects of IT that would be needed within a work environment.  


From a technical point of view, it includes CompTIA IT Fundamentals, CompTIA A+, CompTIA Networking and CyberSafe Awareness. On a personal level the course helps develop assertiveness, emotional resilience, personal confidence and stress management techniques. 


Once accepted on to the course following a successful interview, candidates are able to benefit from what is an ‘all-rounder’ IT Bootcamp, that perfectly positions candidates for a career in IT.  





The Cyber Readiness Bootcamp is an intensive eight week course which like our other Bootcamps combines personal and technical development. 


The personal development side includes assertiveness, emotional resilience, personal confidence and stress management techniques while the technical side includes CompTIA Security+, CompTIA CySA+ and CompTIA PenTest+. These three individual sections of the course give every candidate a detailed understanding of network security, the ability to identify and mitigate threats and secure data management. 


The first step into Cyber security is to successfully get through the BIT Training interview before the course can be completed. Once that’s done, career opportunities will open up in what is an incredible fast paced sector of the IT sector. 



If you’re an employer and you’re looking to either strengthen your IT department or better prepare your existing team for the new digital age, then BIT Training Bootcamps are the perfect solution.  


Our IT, Cloud and Cyber Readiness Bootcamps allow you to invest in individual employees to the benefit of your business or train existing members of your team. Upskilling and redeploying new skills within your workforce will only strengthen your existing organization structure.  


For employers, BIT Training Bootcamps are about you, making sure that you have the skilled staff you need to create a better, stronger business. 


Fresh perspective?

For employers, the BIT Training Bootcamps make commercial sense and give IT recruitment a completely fresh perspective.

Employers of all sizes are welcome to recruit from our rich diverse pool of candidates direct from either our IT, Cloud or Cyber Security courses and they have the advantage of trying candidates out before committing via a no cost placement trial. This way, employers can check first-hand whether candidates have the requirements that match.

Job Fairs

The regular BIT Training Job Fairs enable employers to have direct access to candidates that has successfully completed our Bootcamps. Having completed Bootcamps in either Cloud, IT, Project Management or Cyber these candidates are perfectly placed to fill roles within existing teams or as part of newly formed tech divisions.

BIT Training Job Fairs are one of the most cost-effective means of recruiting within the IT sector whether that’s by finding new talent to join your team or reskilling existing employees that are already with you.

For employers, our Job Fairs are a sensible next stage in the IT recruitment process.



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