Different career paths

Talking to us at BIT Training is a perfect way for candidates to work out what role they would like within the IT industry, even if that person has no specific direction in mind, they’re just drawn to the fast moving nature on the industry.

We can help steer and encourage individuals and ultimately give them the skills and knowledge that they’ll need to flourish within a specific role. We can even help them find that role via our apprenticeship schemes or our regular IT job fairs.


For obvious reasons, security is one of the most important parts of the IT industry. Vital data and important details are held by the majority of modern-day companies. How that’s stored and how it’s handled is down to those that have roles in ‘Cyber’.

BIT Training courses prepare people for a career that is fast moving, hugely exciting and above anything else, vitally important.

Without people trained in cyber security the IT industry would collapse within hours and it’s why our courses are incredibly stringent in what they deliver.



Very little exists in the IT industry without a network, it’s the very lifeblood of any computer system. As the industry expands on an almost daily basis there’s a huge demand for skilled networking specialists and the shortfall is being met by BIT Training and the courses we offer.

The need for Network Technicians, Support Specialists and Network Administrators is fast becoming urgent. This in turn creates significant opportunities for anyone looking to start a career in Networking, move into Networking from inside the industry or develop an existing Networking career further.

Our BIT Training courses are the first step on that journey into a career that is a vital part of any modern-day organisation.

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These days, it’s data that makes the world go round. It’s everywhere and it’s becoming increasingly more important as the months go by.

The simple fact is there isn’t enough data specialist professionals out there and it’s a problem that the IT industry needs to solve quickly.

BIT Training Data courses are a logical solution to this problem as they prepare people for careers as Data Analysts, Engineers and Scientists. Our courses are the first steps on that process towards a fulfilling, exciting and rewarding career in Data.

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Web development remains one of the corner stones of the IT industry. It gives companies a shop window, an opportunity to engage with their market and communicate key information about their businesses or organization.

How these sites are built is down to the knowledge and skills of the web developer that builds it and that’s exactly what our BIT Training courses deliver.

If you are interested in a career in web development then BIT Training courses are a logical starting point. They’re comprehensive, finely tuned and can lead directly to an employed role within the industry.

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