Discovering Career Options through Tech Apprenticeships Webinar

On 12th January, BIT Training hosted a Skills Bootcamp Candidate and Graduate Apprenticeship Progression Pathway opportunities webinar. The session was delivered by David Massey, BIT Training Educational Lead and Apprenticeship Manager for all interested bootcamp participants and graduates to find out more about apprenticeships in general as well as within the IT sector.

David Massey said: “This was a great opportunity for bootcamp attendees to learn all about apprenticeships and explore the associated opportunities available as a potential progression route from completion of the digital IT skills bootcamps.”

During the session, various aspects of apprenticeships were covered including the associated benefits and there was an opportunity for participants to ask questions. As part of the webinar and through our working relationship with the Department for Education, there were also guest speakers that attended as ambassadors of apprenticeships.

David Massey, added: “In addition to the overall webinar content, the guest speakers provided valuable insight and talked first-hand about the various advantages of completing an apprenticeship from both an employer and apprentice perspective. Thanks again to Chris and Christian from Hertzian who participated in and supported the event.”

Overall, attendees found the webinar event informative and shared positive feedback that included the following:

“Thank you for an informative presentation and thanks to Chris for putting an employer slant on things.”

“Thank you David, it is great to see webinars like this promoting the accelerated apprenticeship opportunity for skills bootcamp graduates.”

“Thanks very much for a great presentation.”

If you are looking to undertake an apprenticeship and are keen to know how BIT Training can help, click on the link below to find out more about our apprenticeship programmes we run.

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