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ISACA’s Certified Information Security Manager certification indicates expertise in information security governance, programme development and management, incident management and risk management.

ISACA’s Certified Information Security Manager certification is for those with technical expertise and experience in IS/IT security and control and wants to make the move from team player to manager. CISM can add credibility and confidence to your interactions with internal and external stakeholders, peers and regulators.

Being a premium partner with ISACA our CISM  training  course are taught by ISACA certified instructors who are still actively involved in the cyber industry. They use professionally produced and high-calibre content presentations together with in-person demonstrations.

Your understanding of information security programmes and their place in corporate aims and objectives is demonstrated by your CISM certification. You will study the four CISM areas using the exclusive Instructing | Review approach of BIT Training:

1. Information Security Governance
2. Information Risk Management and Compliance
3. Information Security Programme Development and Management
4. Information Security Incident Management

Our four-day training course will get participants ready for the exam with an emphasis on the creation, development, and oversight of information security operations


CISM Requirements

There are no formal prerequisites for attending the CISM course and sitting the exam. This is a practice accepted and encouraged by ISACA.

1. Pass the exam

2. Adhere to ISACA’s Code of Professional Ethics

3. Agree to comply with the Continuing Education Policy

4. Accumulate enough work experience in the field of information security.

5. Submit an Application for the Certification within five years of passing the exam

The exam is open to anyone with an interest in information security.

The certification requires at least 5 years of professional information systems auditing, control, or security work experience.

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Benefits of choosing
BIT CISM Training

• Understand thoroughly how to implement a risk management programme effectively.

• Attain in-depth knowledge about the information security incidents.

• Prepare for your ISACA CISM exam with practice exams

• Individual personalised exam-readiness discussion

• Supplementary material designed to further strengthen your knowledge in preparation for the exam

• Recognise how to create and manage the frameworks required to guarantee that information security plans are in line with corporate goals and relevant legal and requirements.

• Obtain the ideal blend of business acumen, vital technical abilities, and experience. CISMs are knowledgeable about the actual nature of security risks and know how to act promptly and effectively

• Understand the jargon and procedures that information security experts use on a regular basis

• ELCAS funding approved course.

Why Get a CISM certification:


2. 50% of all UK businesses have a basic cyber security skills gap, while 33% have an advanced cyber security skills gap

3. Around four in five (82%) of boards or senior management within UK businesses rate cyber security as a ‘very high’ or ‘fairly high’ priority, an increase on 77% in 2021

4. Additionally, CISM certification can open doors to leadership positions in the field, such as Chief Information Security Officer (CISO).

5. With a CISM certification the average Security Manager earns a mean salary of £61,206 (Source IT Job Watch UK excluding London median annual salary)


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