Making the most of ELCAS funding to train in Cyber

After a 34-year career in the RAF Police that took him all over the world, Adrian Cooper decided that he needed a change. To achieve that change he turned to a career in cyber security back in 2019 and now works for i3Secure, an information assurance consultancy working for a range of organisations including the Ministry of Defence and the NHS.

Adrian’s career was progressing well but there was a feeling that he was missing an important part and for that he turned to BIT Training to complete his CISM. Best of all Adrian’s previous career in the forces enabled him to fund this additional training using the ELCAS scheme with credits that he’d built up during his time serving. The credits covered 80% of the funding while his employer, i3Secure covered the rest.

At BIT Training we have 19 years of experience delivering ELCAS courses for former and current military personnel, preparing them for careers in the tech industry. Covering IT, Cyber and Network Infrastructure, our courses allow people to embark on new careers in a sector that is often perfectly suited to follow on from life in the Armed Forces.

Leaving military life behind and adapting to a civilian world can be daunting but with BIT Training you can be confident that career opportunities will open up, allowing you to take that next step forward. It certainly helped with Adrian’s career.

Commenting on this, Adrian Cooper said: “I always felt that the skills that I had built up over a career in the forces were transferrable to a career in cyber security but skills and experience alone aren’t quite enough in this sector. You need training and recognised qualifications to match those skills. BIT Training enabled me to complete my CISM course in a four-day period and funding through ELCAS made everything incredibly simple. The result of this is that I’m now better qualified, which is good for me, my career and my employer.”

If you would like to talk to BIT Training about how we can help people within your organisation train for a better, more cyber secure future, then please get in contact using the details on this website.

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